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What is Super Scrub?

Super Scrub is a fundraiser for schools, clubs, youth groups, etc.

How does Super Scrub raise money for your organization?

Individuals in your organization gather pledges from other people including family, friends, businesses, etc. A pledge (dollar amount) is committed per-car-washed at the location of the business that SuperScrub has partnered with. Very similar to a jog-a-thon or walk-a-thon.

During the SuperScrub, pledges (dollar amount per car) are made for every car that is washed.

Who we work with

  • Schools
  • PTAs
  • PTOs
  • Youth groups
  • Churches
  • Clubs
  • Etc….

Why would you choose this fundraiser?

We have partnerships and contracts in place with the Car Wash businesses. And they have made a commitment to support the fundraiser by donating time, effort, employees, and advertising to maximize the amount of funds that can be generated for the program that is involved.

  • We have established partnerships with the local businesses
  • We provide all the contracts and commitments from the car washing businesses
  • We will produce all the marketing, promotional, and advertising materials
  • We have the responsibility of collecting all of the pledge funds after your SuperScrub has finished; your organization does not have to send your students out a second time to collect anything from the ones who have pledged
  • We provide the prizes!!


Example prizes (the organization can choose) for the top students with the highest pledges:

  • iPad
  • Gift certificates
  • Pizza Party
  • School Assembly featuring a Big Air BMX Show